About Us


United Bulk Services offers a dynamic and efficient transportation solution. United Bulk Services is a young and principled company that strives for success, both internally and externally. The core of United Bulk Services is a fruitful relationship with our clients as that is the foundation for success.


United Bulk Services' values are based on transparency, honest, innovation and community.


• Transparency • Honesty • Innovation • Community • Integrity • Reliability


- United Bulk Services has exclusive agreements directly with blue chip mining companies.
- In obtaining direct contracts we handle high demand commodities such as manganese, iron ore, coal, chrome etc.


In order for United Bulk Services to keep up or override above competitors we give a personalized service to our clients and always work hand in hand with clients should there be a drastic change in commodity or pricing. This is common because majority commodity moved is for the export market.
For United Bulk Services to succeed, we do not just focus on the physical aspect of the business which is logistics, we also monitor very closely the Rate of Exchange and price of commodity we move globally. We keep in close contact with the clients regard to this and feel this builds a stronger relationship between client and service provider, United Bulk Services.


United Bulk Services enlists a management team with vast knowledge of the logistics and shipping industry.

Years combined is 40 years’ of experience. They are continuously keeping abreast on new developments in the mining, shipping and logistics industry.

The team has worked on major projects / tenders to secure business and gain the opportunity to assist these companies on their major maintenance shutdown.

Our management staff has also built a reputable name in the industry, thus making direct contact with potential clients beneficial.