Our Fleet

34 TON SIDE-TIPPERS:⁣ We are equipped with Side-tipper trailers that are used to transport a variety of mining commodities such as: manganese, iron ore, chrome and coal. The side tipper is operated by experienced workers that transport and dislodge commodities in an effective way. ⁣

SUPER-LINK TAUTLINERS: Our super-link tautliners allow easy access during loading and offloading and save time as well as costs. They also allow for maximum capacity of commodities.⁣

TANKERS: Our tankers carry liquid commodities e.g. fuel. All the necessary safety measurements are put in place to transport flammable/reactive materials.⁣


United Bulk Services offers a variety of transport services and are based predominantly in the mining and shipping industry.

We offer efficient fueling depots and warehousing truck stops that are equipped with high end security. These aspects all ensure that commodities are safely transported.

Security services are provided for high end commodities transported from the loading point to the offloading point. Each vehicle has a state of the art tracking system to enable clients to track their commodities for further reassurance. Clients also receive automated updates on their mobile phones.

We offer tailor made customer services and pride ourselves in transporting commodities efficiently and safely.
We have at our disposal a fleet of high performance vehicles, that are on hand to meet the transport needs of the client.
We offer the exclusive option to augment our fleet to meet the needs of the client.

We keep abreast of the changing market and offer cost effective strategies to help aid our clients demands.

We are hands on and have pre-determined solutions to any foreseeable problems.

We have efficient maintenance teams throughout our contracted routes for any possible vehicle delays.

Vehicle and Driver Management

All of our vehicles are monitored as well as our drivers using Drive Cam. Driving patterns such as: speeding, idling and fuel consumption are regularly checked using Geotab.
These aid in ensuring that the transport process runs at optimal levels to ensure cost and time effectiveness. Drivers are thoroughly screened and trained with the necessary skills to ensure that they are capable of achieving high levels of delivery. Drive cam monitors the trip and helps increase real-time awareness of how efficient drivers are performing. This helps boost performance in transportation overall.

Health & Safety

United Bulk Services assures that we meet the international standards that are set for the logistics industry.

Geographical locations:

• Gauteng • Free State • North West • Limpopo • Northern Cape • Mpumalanga • Eastern Cape • Western Cape • Kwa-Zulu Natal